Our blanks are ready to help projects take form

Blanks from Pinelli Universal are offered with many options to suit many needs. From our plantation-grown raw material to our highly-efficient manufacturing processes, you’ll get the best products available from Pinelli. And, you’ll have what you need, when you need it.

Blanks from Pinelli Universal provide a solid start for great products and projects.

Product options:

  • Finger-jointed in the face or on the side
  • Available at discount: Finger-jointed with wane for exterior door frames
  • Can be precision-end trimmed (PET) or with a tolerance of -1, +1/4”
  • Direct and edge-glued from 7’ to 20’ long


  • 5/4” and 6/4”
  • Narrow from 1-5/8” to extra wide of 11-1/4”

Wood species:

  • PEFC certified shop-grade Radiata Pine from Chile
  • Shop-grade U.S. Ponderosa