We do a lot more than components.

At Pinelli Universal, we offer packaging options to ship, store and display products. From contractor packs to shrink-wrapped sets, and from labeling to custom packaging, we can help you distribute, move and display goods effortlessly.

Our packaging options include:

  • Mini-units that allow retailers to purchase multiple items in smaller amounts, allowing them to offer an array of products while also managing their inventory. Our mini units can be specially labeled for retail distribution.
  • Contractor packs: Mini-units for distribution, allowing the distributor to sell full units and minimize handling.
  • Distribution units:  Accommodating multiple patterns per unit, this allows the distributor to process orders direct from the mill to the final customer, avoiding additional handling and excess inventory.
  • Pro packs and door packs: Labeled retail packaging for selling bundles of moulding.
  • Sets, custom bundling and marketing labels: Pinelli has the packaging and machining capabilities to label and package product for its customers. This includes labeling, shrink-wrap packaging for retail and custom bundling. This is great for selling casing, brick mould and door jamb sets.