Delivering the best millwork and mouldings.


Pinelli Universal blends the pride and care of a successful family-owned business with the strength and capabilities of an international powerhouse to offer the best millwork in the industry, from mouldings to trim boards, from jambs to cut stock.

We use the best, most responsibly sourced raw materials, employ the most advanced manufacturing processes and technology, and have quality control systems that allow us to take pride in every product that leaves our plant. We hire the best people (500+), motivate them to succeed and provide them with ample training, so they’re proud to be a part of the Pinelli Universal family. And their pride shows in our service, from the reliability of our deliveries to the strength of our customer relationships.

Pinelli Universal is part of the UFP Industries, Inc. family of companies, a partnership that brings us many benefits, as well as great pride.

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